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Integrated payment platform

connecting one billion Chinese

Tencent Institutional Partner

$450 Billion

Overseas travel spend

by Chinese tourists over

next 5 years



Pay by mobile payment First time

overtaking cash


Greater willingness to spend

if overseas merchants accept Chinese

mobile payment brands

Grow your business with WeChat Pay & Alipay
Accept Alipay and WeChat Pay Open Sesame to one billion Chinese consumers
Business growth
Extend your market to more Chinese customers by leveraging Alipay and WeChat Pay’s payment and marketing capabilities.
Currency exchange
Consumers pay in RMB and merchants receive money in local currencies. Eliminate the currency exchange process.
Lower rates
Enjoy up to 40% savings compared to international credit card rates. Saving is earning.
Easy integration
Integrate your business online with BlueOcean Pay API or deploy our terminals offline to fit your business.
Multiple Payment Solutions

Accept payment anywhere anytime and extend your presence to the world largest consumer market

Make your customers happy, build relationship and sell more

Offline Payment
BlueOcean Pay offer standalone POS or POS integration. Chinese consumers or vendors can scan QR code in real time using our authorized WeChat or Alipay channel. Using the BlueOcean Pay payment gateway is fast and secure.
Online Payment
BlueOcean Pay provides seamless payments integration with existing web and mobile platforms, our API and tech team is designed to help you scale your business.
Easy Integration with payments

Easy integration with Alipay and WeChat Pay for H.K / U.S. / Euro merchants

Catch up with leading global brands to explore the market of highest spending international travelers

The routine payment methods proven by one billion Chinese consumers

90% market share of China third-party payment solutions that cover 70% of Chinese population

Trusted by 2000+ global customers